These 5 mobile apps will make goat farming many times easier, every expert information will be available here

These 5 mobile apps will make goat farming many times easier, every expert information will be available here

Bakri Palan: Like agriculture, animal husbandry is also emerging as an important part of the rural economy. The increasing demand for eggs, milk, meat in domestic and foreign markets has made this business profitable. Although more focus is on rearing cows and buffaloes for milk, but the cost of these animals is very high, due to which it becomes difficult for small farmers to buy these animals. This is the reason why small farmers are being motivated to rear goats. For its purchase, the central and state governments together provide financial help to the farmers. Loan is also arranged by NABARD. Training facility is also being provided for the first time goat rearing farmers.

To make this work even easier, the Central Goat Research Institute has made some mobile apps for goat farming, from where scientists can get information about goat farming, proper management of goats, production and price etc.

Goat Farming
The Goat Farming application has been developed and launched by the Central Goat Research Institute. This application is available in 4 languages ​​(Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and English) for the convenience of the farmers.

In this mobile application, information about indigenous breed of goat, breeding management, diet according to age of goat, fodder production for goat, along with maintenance and care of goat along with health management, better production of meat and milk can be obtained from them. Also provides correct information about doing.

Goat Products App
Which value-added products related to goats are in demand in the market and how goat farming can make good profits from these products, all this information is available on Goat Products Application. Information related to the nutrition of goats will also be available on this application.

For the convenience of the farmers across the country, information can also be obtained from the goat product application in Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and English languages. It also plays an important role in the marketing of goat and its related products.

goat friend
Bakri Mitra mobile application has been designed keeping in mind goat rearing management in UP and Bihar. This app has been jointly developed by the Central Goat Research Institute and the International Livestock Research Institute, Nairobi Kenya, where information related to nutrition management, health management, breeding management, marketing, shelter and feeding of goats is available to goat rearing farmers.

Information related to the training program will also be available on this app. For more information, helpline numbers have also been issued on the Bakri Mitra application, on which you can call and get solutions to your problems.

Goat Conception Bridge
Artificial insemination of cattle is being promoted under Rashtriya Gokul Mission, so that the productivity of goats and their breed can be improved. If there is a scientific process, which every goat farmer should know. This will also help in expanding the goat farm and reducing losses.

goat breed app
New efforts are being made daily for the conservation and promotion of good breeds of goats. A good breed goat can make a difference in your business. Apart from goat’s milk, meat is also sold at a good price in the market, so it is necessary to know about the breeds that give good production.

This work is possible with the Goat Breed application. Almost all the information about all the breeds of goats is available here. With the help of this app, it will also help in choosing the goat breed according to your budget or giving good profit. You can also find out the demand of the market from this app.

Disclaimer: Some of the information given in the news is based on media reports. Farmer brothers, before implementing any suggestion, do consult the concerned expert.

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