These eco-friendly products made from cow dung will provide bumper profits, business will be established inside the village itself.

These eco-friendly products made from cow dung will provide bumper profits, business will be established inside the village itself.

Cow Dung Products: Recently, a court in Gujarat said that cow is not just an animal, but a mother. If its killing is stopped, all the problems of the earth will be solved. In its statement, the court told that there is no effect of atomic radiation in houses made of cow dung. Even incurable diseases can be cured with cow urine. This is the reason why desi cow rearing is being promoted today. It has become an important source of income in rural areas. Earlier only cow’s milk used to earn, but ever since the slogan of eco-friendly has been raised, since then various products are being made from cow dung to cow urine. Cow’s milk has medicinal properties. Ghee made from its milk has a huge demand in foreign countries, while even cancer medicines are being made from its urine.

Cow dung is also being used in making cooking gas to indigenous manure and bio-fertilizers. Paint, paper, bags, bricks, cow wood and even dental floss are being made from it. A single cow reduces the cost of natural farming by half. If you also keep a cow, you can earn good money by selling cow dung and cow urine along with its milk.

organic paint from cow dung
Since mythological times, there is a practice of covering the houses with cow dung in the village. Cow dung has been called gold in the scriptures. Not only is it auspicious according to Vastu, but it is also a science to keep it safe from insects.

There are 50 to 70 lakh bacteria in the dung of buffalo and foreign, Brazilian, Jersey breeds, but 3 to 5 crore bacteria are present in one gram of desi cow dung, which keep the house safe.

In view of this science, now organic paint is being made from cow dung. Not only is fully organic paint being produced in the Gauthans of Chhattisgarh, but this paint is also being sold in the market cheaper than the paint of multinational companies.

Khadi India has also launched Vedic paint made from cow dung. Apart from this, many eco-friendly products including paper, bags, mats to bricks have been launched from this cow dung, which are a good alternative to chemical products.

Arrangement of cooking gas from farming
Due to the increasing use of chemicals, our agriculture is becoming barren and the ground water is also getting polluted. To eliminate this problem from the root, now farmers are being motivated to do zero budget natural farming.

This farming is completely based on cow, in which Jeevamrit, Bijamrit, Panchgavya, Sanjeevak, Nadef compost etc. are made from cow dung and cow urine. Neemastra is made from cow urine and neem leaves, which are also known as natural insecticides.

Many state governments are providing cows to the farmers and also giving grants, so that while promoting cow rearing, natural farming and nutritious products produced from it can be promoted.

Along with this, farmers also get good income by selling cow’s milk. If you are a cattle rearer and run your own dairy farm, then you can also set up a biogas plant, so that the entire village can get cooking gas for free.

paper and carry bags
Do you know that we Indians have prepared even a strong paper and carry bag from cow dung. This is the result of the efforts of Jaipur-based Kumarappa National Handmade Paper Institute. In this institute, the method of making paper from cow dung is taught.

Not only this, people are also made aware to make such products by connecting with ‘Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme’. This can also prove to be an important step in generating rural employment and better income for the farmers.

This product is also made from cow dung.
It has been claimed in many reports that stickers made of cow dung have the power to reduce the radiation of mobiles. Along with this, garland prepared from cow dung gives relief in diseases related to nerves. Adding cow dung to the protection of health, cow dung, toothpaste, soap, decoration items, garlands, bangles and mobile stickers have now been prepared.

Where Danj Manjan prepared from cow dung is said to be effective in eliminating oral pyorrhea, while the soap made from it is said to be beneficial in skin allergies. Apart from this, lamps made of cow dung on Diwali, idols also remain in a lot of discussions. As soon as the festival comes, their marketing also becomes very good.

Medicines, pesticides and phenyl from cow urine
In Ayurveda, cow urine has been described as sanjeevani. In many Ayurvedic institutions, it has been said that there is a successful treatment from cow urine to cancer. The medicinal properties of cow urine range from stomach diseases to skin diseases, gastroenteritis, jaundice, respiratory disease, asthana, vasti, anah, virechana karma, mouth disease, eye disease, diarrhoea, diarrhoea, worm disease, heart disease, cancer, tuberculosis, jaundice. It is also said to be effective in fatal diseases like epilepsy, hysteria.

Cow urine is beneficial not only for the health of human beings, but also for the safety of crops and homes. Due to this, natural pesticides are being made in many states for organic and natural farming. Even in today’s modern era, cow urine is being considered as an effective disinfectant. On the same lines, many companies have also prepared chemical free phenyl from cow urine.

Disclaimer: Some of the information given in the news is based on media reports. Farmer brothers, before implementing any suggestion, do consult the concerned expert.

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