These habits of yours can cause cancer, make changes from today itself

These habits of yours can cause cancer, make changes from today itself

Health Risks: Whatever you eat nowadays, it directly affects your health. Bad lifestyle and bad food habits can give you many diseases. This is the reason that at this time most people are suffering from diabetes, obesity, blood pressure, and heart related diseases. According to health experts, the damage done to you by bad food is more dangerous than the utensil in which you are eating. That’s why it is more important to see in which utensil you are eating food? Different types of utensils are coming in the market these days. Out of these, the use of plastic utensils has increased a lot. Eating in these utensils can badly affect your health. Let’s know..

Your habits can cause cancer

Health expert has alerted about the use of plastic utensils. They say that there is a risk of cancer by eating food in plastic utensils. By heating food in a plastic utensil, a dangerous chemical named Endocrine Destroying comes into the food. This has a bad effect on health. The hormonal balance of the body deteriorates due to the heating of food in plastic. Because of this the body becomes ill and cancer can happen.

Do not do such things even by mistake

  • Food should not be heated in the microwave for a long time.
  • Avoid heating food in plastic utensils even by mistake. This can cause cancer.
  • Use metal or glass bottle instead of plastic bottle for drinking water.
  • Never drink hot water in a plastic bottle.
  • Do not use plastic bottles to feed small children even by mistake.

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