Traditional festival Mamani organized in Kargil and Drass, know why it is celebrated

Traditional festival Mamani organized in Kargil and Drass, know why it is celebrated


Mamani Festival: As soon as the name of Ladakh is mentioned in winters, snowy mountains and rivers made of solid ice come in front of the eyes. In such a situation, in the midst of the bitter cold, perhaps the cycle of life has also frozen. This is also an assumption. But for the people of Ladakh, the normal routine in this season is exactly the same as it is in summer. Between minus 20 to 30 degree temperature, the residents of this place are not only running their normal routine but special festivals are also organized.

On Sunday (January 22), a similar traditional festival was organized in Kargil and Drass, which is called Mamani in the local language. It is a traditional festival which is celebrated as a food festival. There is an exhibition of special Ladakhi food prepared during winters. On the first day, thousands of people from all over Kargil district reached to celebrate that festival.

The festival is organized by the Kargil district administration

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In the olden days, the people of each village used to cook and bring food from their homes and the whole village used to participate in it. But nowadays the festival has been organized by the Kargil district administration. The festival is held during the harshest days of winter – Chillaikalaan and on this occasion traditional dishes are not only displayed but also prepared on the spot. It was also served to those who attended the fair.

The program is kept to keep the tradition alive

In the olden days, the purpose of organizing such fairs was to give people an opportunity to unite and celebrate in winter. But in the new era, this program is being done as an attempt to keep the state’s civilization and tradition alive and to add it on the tourism map. Organizer Anayat Ali said that generally people come to visit Ladakh only in summer. In winter they feel that nothing happens here. But the people of Ladakh spend their difficult life happily even in winter. Must come to see it.

This dish is served in food

People attending Mamani’s are served the traditional food of Kargil – Popot (Grain Soup), Heartstrap Khur (Yeast Bread), Markhor Ajog (Puri), Poli (Pane Cakes of Buck Wheat), Dahi, Suggu (Kash or Pachae). The traditional plate is served in Changrah. A large number of tourists who came to visit Ladakh in Ajoyan not only enjoyed eating, but also enjoyed traditional costumes, dances and songs by participating in this traditional cuisine event.

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