UAE has changed these many rules related to visa, Indians will be in trouble, know

UAE has changed these many rules related to visa, Indians will be in trouble, know


UAE Visa: Many people of India go to Gulf countries to earn well, to travel. In this, the name of United Arab Emirates (UAE) comes at the top. People of any country need passport and visa to enter another country. At the same time, UAE has made major changes in the visa policy of tourists coming from other countries. Recently, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has increased the fees for Emirates ID, Visit Visa and Residency Visa.

With this decision, it is going to be costlier for foreign tourists to visit UAE than before. The UAE government has increased the cost of Emirates ID from AED 270 to AED 370. This means the fee for issuing a one-month visit visa will be 370 dirhams instead of 270 dirhams. One very important thing is that its biggest impact is going to be on the Indians going there. Apart from visiting Indians, lakhs of Indians live there.

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This is the latest in a series of recent changes to the visa and residency system. Travel visas can no longer be extended within the UAE. The tourist will have to leave the country and come back on a new visa. The Evaluation of Immigration and Citizenship Program (ICP) has recently reduced the fine to 50 dirhams for overstaying the visa period in the country. Tourists and visit visa holders who overstay will have to pay AED 50 instead of AED 100 per day.

Penalty increased for overstaying residency visa
Those staying prematurely on residency visa will have to pay 50 dirhams instead of 25. Last year, the UAE’s biggest entry and residency reform came into effect. The rule covers a significantly expanded golden visa scheme, five-year green residency, multiple-entry tourist visas and job visa entry permits.

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