Want to go to US for job?  If you adopt these methods, you can get visa in less time

Want to go to US for job? If you adopt these methods, you can get visa in less time


USA Work Visa for Indian Citizens: Many times Indians get a chance to work abroad. Candidates have a special interest in going to the United States of America for a job as compared to other countries. Visa is very important for doing a job in any country. Even in this it is not easy to get USA visa. However, taking care of some things can make this process short and easy.

job offer is necessary

The most important and difficult task is to get a job in USA. Many methods can be used for this. Like networking with people of your profession, searching for jobs on websites, going to job fair etc. If you want, you can also take the help of recruitment companies to get a job there. Try to get a job offer as soon as possible after getting a job.

Know the category of work visa

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Find out about work visas from the US Department of State. Choose the right work visa as per your job requirement. Like those with specialty occupations are given H-1B. Similarly, those coming after being transferred from another company are given L-1 visa. Similarly there are other categories.

ensure paper work

In the next step, keep the paper work confirmed for the visa application. The main documents that will be required are the names of the completed application form, copy of resume, documentation of training and employment history and copy of your job offer.

they will also be needed

Apart from the documents mentioned above, you should also keep ID proof, copy of passport, proof of financial stability, bank statements etc. ready. It is necessary to keep all the documents ready before the application, otherwise the application may hang at any stage.

Once the paperwork is confirmed, the application can be submitted via email, by visiting the embassy in-person or online. You can decide according to the country you are in.

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