Watch: Iranian mother-daughter attacked for not wearing hijab, watch video

Watch: Iranian mother-daughter attacked for not wearing hijab, watch video


Viral Video: A video of being attacked with curd for not wearing hijab is going viral on social media. This is from Iran where there has been a dispute regarding Hijab for the past several months. Interestingly, in the video going viral, only the women who were attacked with curd have been ordered to be arrested.

According to the report of The Telegraph, the incident is from Mashad city of Iraq. In the viral video, a mother and daughter can be seen at the counter of a shop. Both are without hijab. Only then a person comes, sees both women without hijab. Then attacks them with curd. Curd is poured on the heads of women.

Arrest warrants issued against both women

It has been said in the report that by removing the hijab, women have committed the crime of breaking the law. Because of this, arrest warrants were issued against both the women. Iran’s Judiciary Mizan Online website reported that an arrest warrant has also been issued against the attacker. He has been accused of committing a derogatory act in a public place.

Law is strict on hijab

Significantly, this attack has happened at a time when Iran’s judiciary chief has threatened to prosecute women who flout the country’s strict rules on hijab. Mohseni AJE has said that those who do such heinous acts will be prosecuted. No mercy will be shown to them.

Please tell that the Parliament of Iran has made a new law regarding the dress code of women. Under this law, if women do not wear hijab, then they may have to pay a fine of up to Rs 49 lakh.

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