Watch Video: People were celebrating New Year, suddenly bullets started firing and then…

Watch Video: People were celebrating New Year, suddenly bullets started firing and then…

USA Monetary Park Firing: Ten people were killed in a shooting at a Chinese New Year celebration in Monterey Park, Los Angeles, USA. Many people were injured in the grip of this firing. After this incident, the video of the rescue operation is going viral on social media.

At least 10 people were killed and 10 were injured in a mass shooting in Monterey Park, California, on Saturday night, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. Since this incident, the police have not been able to arrest the attacker till now.

According to the news agency CNN, this incident happened when people were celebrating the traditional Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year) in Monterey Park. The area where this firing took place is just 7 kilometers away from the Los Angeles City Headquarters. Where this firing took place, thousands of people had gathered at the time of firing, although the confirmed information has not yet been found that how many people were injured due to this.

video viral on social media
The video of the firing in Monterey Park is viral on social media. The people who survived the casualties in the firing made a video and shared it on social media. It is visible in this video that the police is rescuing the injured people from the spot. It is also visible here that they have sealed the entire area.

Reason for firing still unclear
In the press conference after the firing incident, the police said that the reason behind the firing is yet to be ascertained. Eyewitnesses of the incident told that the shooter entered the dance club, took out the gun and started firing, after which there was chaos and taking advantage of it he escaped.

Most Asian citizens live where the firing took place.
According to the report of the news agency CNN, people of Asian origin live in large numbers in Monterey Park where the shooting took place. 65.5 percent of the total population lives there. Therefore, according to experts, one of the reasons behind the firing could be racial discrimination. The FBI will investigate this matter. The FBI Los Angeles field office is in dialogue with local police, and is working with all relevant other agencies.

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