‘We want peace, but they won’t be ready’, Putin slams Western countries on Ukraine war

‘We want peace, but they won’t be ready’, Putin slams Western countries on Ukraine war

Putin Xi Jinping on Ukraine Peace Plan: At present, Chinese President Xi Jinping is on a tour of Russia, where he is discussing many important issues with the country’s Supreme Leader Vladimir Putin. By the way, this is the first time that the President of China has visited Russia after the war between Russia and Ukraine. Earlier in the year, Xi Jinping visited Russia in the year 2019.

Before this tour, it is also being speculated that maybe this tour will be able to have some positive impact on Ukraine war, because China has already talked about peace regarding Ukraine war. At the same time, after talks with China’s Xi Jinping, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Chinese proposals can be used as the basis for a peace agreement in Ukraine.

West and Ukraine not ready for peace
Regarding China’s peace agreement between Russia and Ukraine, Vladimir Putin alleged that the West and Ukraine would not be ready for peace. He said that we believe that many rules of the peace plan presented by China match with Russian views. On the other hand, if ever the West and Kiev are ready for a peace agreement, then the plan can be taken as the basis of a peaceful solution. However, so far we do not see any such preparation from their side.

China suggested 12-points for peace settlement
According to the report of the news agency Reuters, China has made 12-point points for the peace agreement. At the same time, America has rejected China’s proposal, but Ukraine has earlier welcomed China’s diplomatic participation. Russian President Vladimir Putin has praised China’s peace initiative. At the same time, both the leaders also signed a declaration, in which it was said that it is important to respect the legitimate concerns of all countries. The declaration stressed that it was important to prevent the Ukraine conflict from spiraling out of control.

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