What is entry-level, mid-range, premium and top-model in a smartphone?

What is entry-level, mid-range, premium and top-model in a smartphone?


Smartphone Segment: When you read news related to smartphones or watch a video, you must have often heard or read about the segment of smartphones. Sometimes some news is seen in the name of budget smartphone and sometimes some premium. Apart from this, at some places you can also see entry-level or mid-range. In such a situation, you may also be confused as to what is the meaning of all this? In today’s news, we are going to tell you the meaning of these words only. This will help you in selecting the smartphone for yourself. You will be able to select the smartphone of your work, and no different word will be a problem for you.

Types of Smartphone Segment
There are mainly 4 segments in the smartphone segment. These include entry-level, mid-range, premium and top models. Let us know one by one in which segment the smartphone worth Rs.

Entry-Level: Entry-level smartphones are also called low budget smartphones. Smartphones of 10 thousand rupees or below come in this segment. Before inflation, smartphones of Rs 5,000 or below were kept in this segment.

Mid-Range Segment: Mid-range segment smartphones are also called budget smartphones. In this segment, you get smartphones ranging from 10 thousand to 20 thousand. Before the increase in prices, it included phones ranging from 5 thousand to 15 thousand.

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Premium: Smartphones coming in this segment are also called flagships. Phones ranging from 25 thousand to 60 thousand come in this. Many companies market their phones by calling them premium or flagship.

Top Model: Only a few companies dominate this segment. Companies like Apple and Samsung come in the list of top models. The price of their smartphones ranges from 70 thousand to lakhs.

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