Wheat, flour prices will come down soon!  What is the government’s plan to reduce prices – what did the Food Secretary say?

Wheat, flour prices will come down soon! What is the government’s plan to reduce prices – what did the Food Secretary say?


Wheat and Floor Prices: Food Secretary Sanjeev Chopra said that the retail prices of wheat and flour have increased and the government will soon take steps to control the rising prices. He said that the government is regularly monitoring the prices of wheat and flour. He said that “all options are being explored” to bring down the prices.

what did the food secretary say

Sanjeev Chopra said, “We are seeing that the prices of wheat and flour have gone up. We are aware of the issue. Various options are being explored by the government and very soon we will give our response.” What steps are being taken by the Food Ministry to control the rising prices of flour which has reached Rs 38 per kg? He said, “We are keeping a close watch on the prices.” He said that the ministry will soon. Will only take a few steps. However, Sanjeev Chopra did not clarify the measures being taken by the ministry. The secretary said that there is sufficient stock of wheat and rice in the godowns of the Food Corporation of India (FCI).

Idea possible to sell wheat in open market

The Center had banned wheat exports in May to control prices following a marginal decline in domestic production and shortfall in FCI procurement for the central pool. When asked whether the government would sell wheat in the open market, he said that all options are being explored.

Government’s view on OMSS policy as well

Sources said last month that the government is considering releasing 1.5-2 million tonnes of wheat next year from FCI stocks to bulk consumers like flour mills under the Open Market Sale Scheme (OMSS) to control rising retail prices. Is. Under the OMSS policy, the government allows the Food Corporation of India (FCI), a state-run undertaking, to sell food grains, especially wheat and rice, at pre-determined prices in the open market to bulk consumers and private traders from time to time. The objective is to boost supply and reduce general open market prices during the lean season.

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India’s wheat production has decreased

Even the flour mill owners have demanded the government to remove the wheat stock from FCI godowns to meet the shortage in the open market. India’s wheat production decreased to 106.84 million tonnes in the crop year 2021-22 (July-June) from 109.59 million tonnes in the previous year. This year’s procurement also fell drastically to 19 million tonnes. The area under wheat crop is more in the current rabi (winter sown) season. The procurement of new wheat crop will start from April, 2023.

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