Which two leaders are now fighting in Turkish elections, who is strong and who is weak

Which two leaders are now fighting in Turkish elections, who is strong and who is weak


Turkey Presidential Election 2023: Today, on May 28, the second phase of voting for the presidential election is going to be held in Turkey. In the elections held in the first phase, no candidate could get 50 percent votes, so the election of the President is going to be held in the second phase. Kamal Kalchadaralu is the closest rival in front of the current President Recep Tayyip Ardoan in Turkey.

While Ardoan got 49.5 percent of the votes in the first phase of the election, Kamal Kalchdarlu got 44.9 percent of the votes. If we talk about presidential elections in Turkey, then elections are held in the country every 5 years.

Turkey has its own rules for conducting presidential elections. Here, if any candidate does not get more than 50 percent votes in the first round of voting, then the election results are decided in the next round.

Turkey’s domineering leader is considered
Talking about the candidates involved in the current presidential race of Turkey, there are two very strong people, the first is the current President Ardoan and the second is Kamal Kalchadarlu. Ardoan has been in power in Turkey for the last 20 years. This time he is again seen in the election field. Recep Tayyip Ardoan is considered the domineering leader of Turkey. He used to be the Prime Minister of the country earlier.

The Prime Minister used to have the most power in the country, but as soon as Ardoan became the President in the year 2014, he retained the right to take all the important decisions. The biggest quality of Ardoan is that he knows very well how to bring the public to his side by persuading them.

Table of Six in Turkish
The presidential election in Turkey this year has not proved easy for Ardoan as he faces 74-year-old veteran leader Kamal Kalchadaralu. This is the reason that this time the decision of the President is going to be taken in the second phase of voting. Kamal Kalchdarlu is considered as the Gandhi of the country.

This time he is contesting for the post of President with 6 parties, the reason for this is that Ardoan’s hold is more than amazing. The team of 6 parties has been named Table of Six. According to a report, the chances of Kamal winning the decisive vote are slim. However, he has managed to give a tough fight to Ardoan.

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