Why did Elon Musk say – I thought I was dying… told my experience

Why did Elon Musk say – I thought I was dying… told my experience

Elon Musk: Elon Musk has been in constant happiness since taking over Twitter. His tweets also remain a topic of discussion. He is also very active on Twitter. Once again Musk has attracted people’s attention with his tweet. However, this time he has not tweeted anything related to business. Rather has reacted to the booster dose of corona virus.

Actually, Elon Musk has tweeted while sharing his experience regarding the second booster dose of Kovid vaccine, tweeting that after taking the booster dose, I felt that I was dying. Significantly, in recent days on social media corona virus There is a discussion about the serious side effects of vaccines. On which Musk has also shared his reaction.

Musk has tweeted that the first mRNA booster was fine, but the second one broke me down. Speaking on the side-effects of Kovid-19 vaccines, Musk tweeted that he had to face some side effects of the vaccine after taking his second Kovid booster shot.

Felt like I’ve been dying for days: Musk

He tweeted that I had major side effects from my second booster shot. Felt like I’ve been dying for days. Hopefully no major damage is done, but I don’t know. On the question of getting a second booster installed, Musk said that I had to go to Berlin and in such a situation I had no other option. Because of this, another booster dose had to be given.

By the way, Musk keeps his point of view on most of the issues. In recent times, he is speaking on the side effects of the Kovid vaccine.

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