Why success remains far away despite efforts, this story of Gautam Buddha will give you the right direction

Why success remains far away despite efforts, this story of Gautam Buddha will give you the right direction

Buddha Amritwani: The priceless thoughts of Mahatma Gautam Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, inspire a person to move forward in life and become successful. This is the reason why there are people who believe in Buddhism all over the world including India. There are many such stories related to Gautam Buddha, due to which success in life paves new and accurate paths.

The word success entices everyone and everyone wants to achieve success, but not everyone gets success. But you have thought that what is the reason for this. You will get the answer to this from this story related to the life of Gautam Buddha. Through this story, you will be able to know where we make mistakes in our efforts for success, due to which we have to face failure.

success story of gautam buddha

Once Gautam Buddha was passing through a village with his monks. People were upset due to lack of water system in that village. The people of the village had to go long distances to fetch water. There was a huge ground near the village, in which many small pits were dug. To calm his curiosity, a monk asked Gautam Buddha, what is the use of so many pits dug in this village ground?

Buddha smiled and replied to his monk that, dear monk, there is a problem of water in this village, that is why the villagers have dug these small pits in search of water. On hearing this, the monk started searching for water in those pits, but he could not find even a drop of water.

Then he tells Gautam Buddha that there is no water in these pits. Gautam Buddha says, do you see the crowd of people there? All of them are going away from the village towards a river to fetch water. On this the monk asks, is there no water in the land of this village at all?

Gautam Buddha says – There is water, but there is no one in the village who can find water. The monk does not understand the words of Buddha. Then Gautam Buddha says, the people of the village have made so many pits in the ground in search of water. But despite this they did not get water.

Do you know why? The reason for this is that hard work has not been done at the right place to solve the problem. If the people of the village had done only one pit in the right direction, instead of doing many pits separately, which would have been equal to hundred pits, then they would have definitely got water.

learn- We get to learn from this story related to Gautam Buddha that, in the same way the human mind also runs in hundred directions. But if work is done by concentrating the mind in one direction, then the goal can definitely be reached and success can also be achieved. The reason for failure is the wandering of the mind.

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