Why women fill demand with vermilion, know the religious and scientific aspects related to Solah Shringar

Why women fill demand with vermilion, know the religious and scientific aspects related to Solah Shringar


Solah Shringar, Sindoor Dharmik and Scientific Significance: From the rituals of marriage till the time a woman remains married, till then there is a special importance of Solah Shringar for her. 16 Shringar is not only related to the beauty and grooming of the face, but religious and scientific reasons are also associated with it. 16 makeup of married women is also related to good luck and health.

Vermilion is considered the most important among the sixteen adornments of married women. This is the most important proof of being married and fortunate. Unmarried girls can also use other adornments related to 16 adornments such as, Bindiya, Payal, Chudiya, Gajra etc.

But vermilion is considered a sign of suhag, from which only a married woman can fulfill her demand. At the time of marriage, the demand of the bride is filled by the groom, after that the married woman always keeps it decorated in her demand. But why is it necessary to apply vermilion and what is its importance. Know the religious and scientific facts related to it.

Religious beliefs related to applying vermilion

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The tradition of applying vermilion in Sanatan Hindu religion is very old. Even in Mahabharata and Ramayana period it is mentioned. According to mythological belief, Mother Parvati also used to apply vermilion. There, the mention of vermilion is found in the Mahabharata epic. According to this, once Draupadi in despair and anger had erased the vermilion of her demand. Sindoor is also mentioned in the Ramayana period.

One day when Mother Sita was filling her demand while doing makeup, then Hanumanji standing there asked her, Mother, why are you putting vermilion in the demand. Then Sita ji told Hanuman ji that, this strengthens the relationship between me and Lord Shriram and makes Shriram live long. Hearing this, Hanuman ji felt that if only a pinch of vermilion can give Shri Ram a long life, then applying vermilion all over his body will make him immortal and in this way Hanumanji applied vermilion on his body. This context proves that the tradition of applying vermilion existed even during the Ramayana period.

Scientific importance of applying vermilion

There is a scientific reason behind the rituals created in the Indian tradition. However, people are not aware of this. From the scientific point of view, filling demand of women with vermilion is related to the whole body. Mercury metal is found in vermilion, which is considered very effective metal for Brahmarandhra gland.

This reduces the mental stress of women and their brain is always in a conscious state. Scientists also believe that the blood pressure of the body is also controlled by applying vermilion.

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