‘Will continue to build strategic partnership with India’, Russia made a big statement

‘Will continue to build strategic partnership with India’, Russia made a big statement

Russia: In the midst of the ongoing conflict with Ukraine, Russia has given a big statement regarding India. Russia has once again said that India is important for us. According to the new foreign policy brought by President Vladimir Putin, Russia has described India as its most important ally along with China. Russia says it will focus on strengthening its strategic partnership and trade ties with India.

According to a foreign policy article on Eurasia, Russia will continue to enhance strategic partnership with India with a view to enhance and expand cooperation in all areas on a mutually beneficial basis. Along with this, bilateral trade, investment and technical relations will be strengthened.

Significantly, despite Moscow’s attack on Ukraine, relations between India and Russia have remained strong. India’s import of Russian crude oil has increased significantly in the last few months, which shows how the relations between Russia and India are even in the present times.

Told China also special

Russia has also emphasized on increasing and expanding cooperation in areas of mutual benefit. Not only has Russia declared India as its friend, but according to the new foreign policy, China is also very special for Russia. Russia also wants to strengthen partnership and cooperation with China.

Let us tell that India has not yet condemned the Russian attack on Ukraine. India has talked about stopping the conflict and finding a solution to this crisis through diplomacy and dialogue. But bypassing all this, this statement of Russia regarding India becomes very important.

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