‘Will Muslim women get 72 hoors’, Maulana replied to PAK journalist’s question, see

‘Will Muslim women get 72 hoors’, Maulana replied to PAK journalist’s question, see


Arzoo Kazmi Maulana Sajid Rashidi: The video of the debate between a Pakistani woman journalist and an Indian Maulana is going viral on social media. In the video, when a female journalist questions Maulana about Islam, Hijab, Jihad, Islamic customs and evils, Maulana answers in such a way that one will laugh.

In the video, Maulana is telling that those Muslim youths who are killed while doing Jihad, they get 72 hoors in heaven and these hoors are the result of their good work. But then the journalist asks that what does a woman get in heaven who follows Islam with all sincerity? On this Maulana says- “You will be the leader of those 72 Hoors in heaven.”

Indian Maulana trapped in Pakistani journalist’s questions
Maulana who gave this answer is none other than Sajid Rashidi, President of All India Imam Association. He was once in a conversation with Pakistani journalist Arzoo Kazmi, who was interviewing him online. At the same time, Arju asked him – “The map which has been told of Jannat, in which it has been said that alcohol and 72 hoors will be found there, is that also a place of debauchery or not?” On this Maulana Sajid Rashidi said, “It is deen to obey Allah’s order…and if the Quran says that after going to heaven, Allah is giving you Sharab-e-Tahoor i.e. pure water, then there should be no objection to it.” Needed.”

If a woman obeys all the rules, she will be the leader of the Hurons.
At the same time, after this Arju asked, “If a woman follows Islam, what will she get?” Then Maulana said that if a woman obeys every rule of Islam, then she will be made the leader of the Hurons and she will get the same husband who was on earth. Arju started laughing after hearing this.

Why there is no rule like 72 hurs for women: Arju
He further asked, “..then why no rule like 72 hurs has been made for women and why they will get only one husband while the husband will have herd of hurs?” Maulana Rashidi had no answer to this and started saying that you should ask this question to Allah who has made this rule for Muslims in Jannah.”

Whether Pakistan is an Islamic State or not: Maulana
When Arju was about to ask more questions, Maulana said, “First you decide whether Pakistan is an Islamic state or not? Tell me, is Pakistan an Islamic state?” Arju said – “Yes of course”, then Maulana further said, “If there was an Islamic State..you would not have been able to interview me like this. You would have had to sit with hijab.”

‘Islamic life is Allah-wanted, not desired’
Arju said that hijab is not necessary. Now even Saudi Arabia is removing these things. So is it not a Muslim country? Then Maulana said that “He is coming in democracy, isn’t it. The meaning of democracy is that in which every man gets to live his own kind of life. He has the right to live with his freedom. So why are you adding Islam to it?” ?This is not Islamic life, Islamic life is Allah-wanted…not desired.”

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