Working out is a good thing… but never do this exercise, your knees will get damaged

Working out is a good thing… but never do this exercise, your knees will get damaged


Worst Workout For Knees: You must have always heard that doing workouts strengthens bones. Along with this, the strength of the muscles also increases. There is no doubt about these things. Nor are there any such disadvantages of workouts due to which it is advised not to exercise. But it is also important to keep in mind that different people, age groups and body types have different effects of workouts. Especially after the age of 35 to 40, if you exercise, then it is very important to take care of the bones and joints of the body. Due to heavy workouts at this age, bones can be damaged instead of beneficial. Especially the knee joint. Those who go through the most stress during workouts. If there is even a slight pain in your knees, then understand that the workout is damaging them.

These exercises can cause harm

If there is a problem in the knee, then it would be appropriate to avoid certain types of workouts. Full arc knee extension, full deep lunges, deep squats, hurdle stretches – these are exercises that put all the pressure on the knees. If the knee is weak then the best way is to stay away from these exercises. And, if you are a novice in these exercises, then perform them in front of an expert. These workouts done in the wrong way can also harm the knees.

How to save knees?

To protect the knees, do warm-up before any workout. Do slow jog or stretching so that the knees are warmed up. Warm-up increases blood circulation and reduces the risk of muscle strain.

If you are a beginner then start with low impact workout. Start doing heavy workouts only when the body gets used to the workout.

Include such things in the diet which are helpful in strengthening both muscles and bones.

In case of knee pain, do consult a doctor and do not do workouts at all till the pain persists.

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