‘You are getting our people killed’!  Ukraine got angry on European countries by saying this

‘You are getting our people killed’! Ukraine got angry on European countries by saying this

Ukraine Russia War: The war between Ukraine and Russia continues on the 331st day, and Russia is continuously moving forward in the border of Ukraine. So on the other hand, the anger of Ukraine, frustrated by this matter, is now descending on the western countries. Mykhailo Podolić, Political Advisor to the President of Ukraine told European countries and America that your inaction is killing our people.

Mykhailo Podolić said in one tweet after another that your inaction is killing our people. Your daily delay is causing the death of Ukrainian citizens. If you think that we will defeat Russia without weapons, then you are thinking wrong.

‘Russia has been bombarding for 11 months’
In his second tweet, Mykhailo asked Western countries whether they are afraid of Russia? He said that when Russia threatens that giving us weapons is unnecessarily prolonging the conflict, then you are supporting the killing of ordinary citizens by it in Ukraine. He said that Russia has been bombarding our country and its cities for the last 11 months and you want us to bear it calmly.

‘Allied countries accept the truth’
Mykhailo, the advisor to the President of Ukraine, said that the people of our country need to accept the truth. He said that it needs to be understood that the world is a ship, and this war is a hole in it. Ukraine is trying to plug that hole with all its might, just waiting for the countries of the world will not work, they will also have to help. He said that by this aid he meant more missiles, tanks, weapons and money.

Why has Ukraine’s statement come?
There are many reasons for this statement of Ukraine, but the main reason for this may be the statement of the newly appointed Defense Minister of Germany, in which he has expressed his inability to give Lipard tank to Ukraine. Boris Pistorius said in his statement that we still cannot say how long we will be able to give Leopard tanks to Ukraine. We are yet to take any decision about it. We are still in doubt about what decision we will take in this matter in the coming days.

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