Taliban rule proved to be nightmare for journalists, 50 percent lost their jobs

Taliban rule proved to be nightmare for journalists, 50 percent lost their jobs


Afghanistan Journalist: After the Taliban took over Afghanistan, the situation in the country has deteriorated a lot. According to the Afghanistan National Journalists’ Union (ANJU) report, 50 percent of journalists in the country lost their jobs and more than half of the media outlets were closed.

The ANJU report revealed that 53 percent of journalists lost their jobs and 50 percent of media outlets closed down, especially due to financial issues and many other reasons. This report was published on the occasion of National Journalist’s Day.

Media personnel have left Afghanistan
Most media persons have left Afghanistan after the Taliban regime. The media community is facing many problems. They also have to face financial difficulties. Masroor Lutfi, a member of ANJU, said that media activities have been banned in Afghanistan. In addition, the closure of the protective laws of the media community is a major challenge.

Meanwhile, according to TOLOnews, several journalists expressed concern about the lack of information and economic difficulties on National Journalists’ Day. The journalists specifically asked the Islamic Emirate to address its challenges.

More than 200 violation cases registered
Rakib Fayaz, a journalist, said that Journalists’ Day is celebrated when the lack of access to information is considered a hardship and the community is still dealing with major economic issues. At the same time, another journalist Mustafa Shahryar said that we ask the government officials and concerned authorities to pay serious attention to the problems of journalists and ensure their safety.

On the other hand, the Taliban government says that they are committed to maintaining the rights of journalists and efforts are being made to increase the facilities available to them. According to the United Nations, in 2022, more than 200 cases of violations have been registered against journalists in Afghanistan, including arbitrary arrests, ill-treatment, harassment, threats and intimidation.

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